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Shipping and Delivery

The Passport Store utilizes FedEx for all of its shipping needs unless instructed otherwise by the applicant. The Passsport Store uses standard envelopes and other standard packing materials provided by FedEx or another shipping company as instructed by a client. Sometimes documents can be damaged or lost during the shipment process to the client, in this case The Passport Store will replace the passport and not charge our company service fee, the client will have to pay the full government and embassy fee if a visa was requested as well. The Passport Store is not responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while the product is in client’s possession. The Passport Store strongly encourages its clients to use shipping services that provide real time tracking of packages in transit and also provide insurance in case of a package being lost or damaged. The Passport Store is not responsible for any failures or mistakes by shipping companies to deliver, deliver on time, track, locate, and keep safe, any and all packages. The Passport Store cannot and does not warrant any claims or guarantees made by shipping companies as to the quality of service, timely delivery, availability of service, and other claims.

Below links are provided for FedEx, UPS, and USPS which are the most common used shipping services for passports and visas.

Please Click Here To Access The FedEx Website For Further Tracking Information.

Please Click Here To Access the UPS Website For Further Tracking Information.

Please Click Here To Access The USPS Website For Further Tracking Information.