Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation

Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation are required for all US Citizens and many foreign nationals prior to leaving the United States. Using our Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation service, we can personally guide you through the Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation application and obtain your Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation in time for your trip!
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Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation


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Kyrgyzstan Visa Support

The Passport Store is a non-government based passport and visa expediting service. We work directly with the Consulate of Kyrgyzstan to expedite Kyrgyzstan visa applications. US citizens do not need a visa to Kyrgyzstan for tourist purposes for no longer than 60 days. For Business, Private (to visit relatives), Study and Employment Visas, and for all Non-US citizens: our Kyrgyzstan visa support service provides you an official invitation, required for the processing of your Kyrgyzstan visa by a Kyrgyzstan consulate. For consular information regarding Visas to Kyrgyzstan and visa invitations, please see

To Obtain Visa Support to Kyrgyzstan

  1. A copy of your valid passport (only a page with your signature and personal information).
  2. Application form completed below.

Visa support (a.k.a. invitation, letter, tourist confirmation, or voucher) is a document that allows you to obtain a visa.

One copy of Kyrgyz visa support will be FAXED (or e-mailed, if fax number is missing) to you, unless original support is needed. The other copy of your Kyrgyz visa support will be TELEXED directly to the consulate/embassy indicated on your order. However, you still need to submit your support's copy to the consulate/embassy for visa processing.

Get your Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation online here using

Please follow the instructions below to receive your Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation online.
Traveling to Kyrgyzstan is a dream-come-true for many, but their stringent visa requirements can put off tourists forever.

We provide quick, dependable and affordable services for travelers in search of Kyrgyzstan Visa invitation letters. There are different categories of visas to Kyrgyzstan, depending on the purpose of the trip as well as the duration of stay in Kyrgyzstan.

If you’re not sure what the visa requirements are for Kyrgyzstan, Check the bottom of the page for the latest Kyrgyzstan Visa Invitation requirements. There you will also find information about current visa fees and how quickly we can expedite your visa invitation application.

The Passport store also offers Expedited Passport Services, so if your US passport is about to expire, simply get in touch with a member from our team by calling (305) 985-6167 or send us a message.

We can expedite the renewal of your passport, help you complete the application for your first passport, or help you determine what to do if your passport is lost or stolen.

Our friendly staff is standing by to ensure that you have enjoy an amazingly memorable getaway!