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Your passport application specialist will readily create your passport application to meet the requirements of the US Passport Agency, saving you valuable time and ensuring your application meets the strict guidelines. You'll simply provide answers via a questionnaire or via a phone consultation and our team will swiftly prepare your application to meet the requirements.

Expedite a Child Passport Fast, as quick as in 24 hours

You are applying for a quick, expedited new child US passport if your child is under the age of 16 and you have confirmed travel within 14 days.

  • All travelers, regardless of age, require a passport to travel internationally
  • Minors ages 16 and 17 will be issued a 10 year adult passport and will need consent from at least 1 legal guardian for passport issuance

*Service fees below do not include estimated government fees of $175

The Passport Store is the leading expedited Child Passport company in the United States. We offer our services to clients nationwide through various routes like FedEx and UPS. The Passport Store strives on knowledge, expertise, customer service, and the necessary steps to navigate through the bureaucracy to obtain your travel visas and emergency passports.

We specialize in expedited passport renewal services for expired or expiring passports. Make sure you check your expiration date as many countries require a minimum of 6 months validity before you enter their country or are allowed to board your flight to your destination country. Also, please check your child’s passport as minor passports are limited to 5 years.

Furthermore, you may have thought you don’t need a passport because you don’t travel outside the United States. But for residents of some states, this may change, for any commercial flight, whether international or domestic. At this point no can say what states are at risk until the review of states’ extensions has been completed. Here’s the official list of states that are at risk.

The Passport Store is a fast, simple, and reliable way to get your Child Passport in a rush. At the Passport Store we can expedite your Child Passport the same day if necessary, for when your travel can’t wait or you have that emergency trip that was unexpected.

We can expedite your expired or expiring passport online in as little as 24 hours but we also offer other services based on how quickly you need it. To get started with our expedited process and to receive your passport renewal in time for your trip, please select one of our expedited passport services and place your order now! Our services range from same day passport processing, 2-3 business day Passport processing, 4-5 business day passport processing, 6-7 business day passport processing, 8-9 business day passport processing, and 10-12 business day passport processing.

The passport Store also offers expedited passport services for New Passport, Passport Renewals, Lost Passports, a Passport Name Change, Damaged US Passports, Second Passports, Second Passport Renewals, and US Passport Card Renewals.

If you have any questions please contact our offices at (305) 985-6167, visit us locally at 2355 Salzedo St #200 Coral Gables, FL 33134, or send us a message!