Cambodia eVisa

A Cambodia eVisa is required for all US Citizens and many foreign nationals prior to leaving the United States. Using our Cambodia eVisa service, we can personally guide you through the Cambodia eVisa application and obtain your Cambodia eVisa in time for your trip!

Cambodia eVisa


Cambodia eVisa

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched e-Visa, which enables you to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa online. The e-Visa replaces a traditional visa stamped inside the traveler’s passport. Apply for a Cambodian visa online.


The Cambodia e-Visa is issued electronically; it is not necessary to submit original passport or other documents for processing. Simply complete and submit The Passport Store’s online request form and the Cambodian e-Visa can be processed within approximately 48 hours or less, Monday through Friday.

After you submit your request, you will receive your e-Visa by email; print it out and bring it along when you travel to Cambodia.


Simply complete and submit The Passport Store’s online request form and we will submit your information to the Registry of Canadians Abroad Service on your behalf. Registration can be processed within 24 hours or less (even for multiple destinations). The Passport Store will send you confirmation of your registration via email, including emergency contact instructions.


An e-Visa is authorization for travel to Cambodia for tourism. The Cambodian e-Visa is issued on-line; it is not necessary to submit an original passport or other documents for processing. Simply complete and submit The Passport Store’s online request form and the Cambodia visa can be processed within 3 to 4 business days. E-visa requests are processed Monday to Friday during business hours.

It is very important that the information on the request form is accurate and exactly matches the traveler’s passport. Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Citizenship, Passport Number and Passport dates must match the passport, otherwise the e-Visa will not be valid and another e-Visa request and fees will be required for a correction.

The Passport Store is a private company, registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to process e-Visa requests.

Government Fee: $36.00
Service Fee: $49.00

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Please follow the instructions below to receive your Cambodia eVisa online.

Traveling to Cambodia is a dream-come-true for many, but their stringent visa requirements can put off tourists forever.

We provide quick, dependable and affordable services for travelers in search of an expedited Cambodia eVisa. There are different categories of visas to Cambodia, depending on the purpose of the trip as well as the duration of stay in Cambodia.

If you’re not sure what the visa requirements are for Cambodia, Check the bottom of the page for the latest Expedited Cambodia eVisa requirements. There you will also find information about current visa fees and how quickly we can expedite your visa application.

The Passport store also offers Expedited Passport Services, so if your US passport is about to expire, simply get in touch with a member from our team by calling (305) 985-6167 or send us a message.

We can expedite the renewal of your passport, help you complete the application for your first passport, or help you determine what to do if your passport is lost or stolen.

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