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Depending on the airline it may pose a problem. As for security measures the airline requires that all airline tickets match the name of the passport, that is why a passport name change is required if you booked your travel and your named changed for some reason after booking

Visas are required based on the relationship between two countries, they treaties and trade agreements. You may check if a visa is required for your travel on our website through the visa section of the website. If a visa is required we can assist you in obtaining it.

A tourist visa is for travelers who will not be engaging in any work, business meetings, trade and will only be in that country for sightseeing and tourist purposes. A business visa is required when a traveler will be going into a foreign country for trade, meetings with corporate clients, engaging in some sort of trainings occasionally.

Yes as the visa will be issued inside of your passport in one of your empty visa pages.

A single entry visa is needed if you will fly into that country, stay there for the time that you’re traveling and then flying out and not coming back in during that trip. A double entry visa is needed if you are traveling into that country and will be there for some time, then travel outside of the country and fly back into the country. Multiple entry visas are issued if you travel multiple times throughout the year or years to a foreign country.

The US government requires all US Citizens to hold a US passport regardless of age when traveling.

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A passport is a travel document issued by your country of citizenship which allows you to travel and identifies you as an individual from that country.

Yes. We can obtain invitation letters for several countries for a fee depending on that particular country and visa needed.

A visa grants you permission to enter a foreign country. Depending on your nationality and US residency status some countries might not require a visa for travel from the US. If the country does require a visa then we can assist you in obtaining the visa for your travel.

An adult issued passport will be issued for a period of 10 years; minor passports are issued for a period of 5 years. If a minor is 16 years of age or older they will be issued a 10 year adult passport.

Unfortunately the U.S. Department of State does not issue additional visa pages anymore. If a traveler has exhausted all of the visa page sin their passport they must obtain a passport renewal.

Embassies of foreign countries require that you have a minimum of two blank visa pages to apply for a visa. The amendment pages at the end of the passport cannot be used to apply for a visa as those pages are reserved for the US government if they need to amend the passport.

Photos are required as the consul needs them to have them on your application and on file. Since a passport is issued for 10 years, your features might change and the consuls require a new photo to apply for your visa.

Unfortunately when applying for a US passport or a foreign travel visa both the US government and the foreign Embassy require an original signature on the application. Some visas might require copies of certain documents to be notarized.

If the passport is not considered damaged or mutilated, the US Department of State will cancel the passport and give it back to you with your newly issued US passport.

Yes as you are acknowledging through your signature that indeed you are applying for a visa or a passport.

Yes. As that is how the US Department of State will look up your background. When applying for a new born baby’s passport and the newborn has not been issued a social security number yet, you may put in 000-00-000 in the social security section of the application.

You will need to provide your US Birth Abroad Certificate issued by the US Embassy or Consulate from the country you were born abroad in.

You will need the DS-82 passport application signed and dated, our company letter of authorization completely filled out, 2 passport photos, proof of travel and the certified court document showing your name change.

Yes. If both parents will not be able to go together to the clerk then one parent has to go with the minor and the parent who will not attend, will need to provide a notarized consent form to the parent who will be attending with the minor. Click here for the minor consent form DS-3053.

Please click the link following link to enter your postal code and obtain a list of your nearest clerks office: Click here for your local passport clerk location.

No, unfortunately the U.S. Department of State does not allow adding additional visa pages to a passport. If you have no visa pages available in your passport please apply for a passport renewal, also make sure you choose the 52 page book option so you may obtain twice the amount of pages as a regular passport.