Belarus Visa Invitation

Belarus Visa Invitation



Every tourist travelling to Belarus is to have a valid passport and a Belarusian entry visa (if there is no visa-free entrance agreement between Belarus and the respective country).  If there's no embassy in your country, you can receive your tourist visa at “Minsk-2” National Airport on your arrival at Minsk.


We can provide a visa support letter (invitation) recognized by every Belarus Consulate in the world.


  • one-entry / multiple-entry
  • individual / group
  • regular / urgent / express
  • diplomatic
  • official
  • private
  • business
  • tourist
  • transit
  • work permit
  • student
  • residence permit

Information Regarding Certain Citizens

Visas are not required to the nationals of the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • China (group tourist visa)

All other visitors must obtain an entry visa to travel to Belarus.

Nationals of the following countries who apply for a private or business visa to Belarus do not necessarily require the official letter of invitation:

  • Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Island, Canada, Lichtenstein, Norway, Croatia, Uruguay, Chili, Switzerland, the Republic of South Africa, Southern Korea, Japan and countries of EU.

Personal Requirements For Visa Invitaiton

  • applicant’s name (group list)
  • date of birth
  • passport type and number / passport expiry date
  • citizenship / nationality
  • period of stay (arrival / departure dates)
  • place of application for the visa

Visa support documents are faxed to the customer and to the Belarus Embassy of visa application. 

Most of the Belarus Consulates will accept a fax copy of invitation and voucher. Occasionally, some Consulates may only accept the original of voucher. It is advisable to ask for visa support in advance.


1.Traveller Personal Information

1.Passport Information

Contac Information

Fee Information


Credit Card Information


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